Minerva or Ascending Caravan

] 17×11 inches, hand embroidery and acrylic paint on thick cotton, stretched onto stretcher bars.

The central character is my beautiful friend Minerva. A dancer who came to Canada from Venezuela.  She was helping me with my art in Vancouver. She invited me to show my work in the lobby of her dance class, and I met wonderful people there.

One day we were riding the bus together, and we were talking.

She was very vulnerable in our conversation. Relaying an unfortunate circumstance to me; and she told me a very fascinating story about how she once danced on the back of an elephant, in the Circus. I adored the story and it drifted into a concept I was already working on, to incorporate my border stories about the Eight Dynamics into a mixed media, paint and hand embroidery piece. This concept had been rattling around in my mind for days.

I had seen Minerva dance, at a party. She was wonderful!! In full costume, she led us all around the room to a Latin number. We were weaving in and out of the tables, each person holding onto the person in front of them by the hips. What a hoot!!The man, who was first in line, holding Minerva’s hips definitely looked like he was enjoying himself.! It was classic. What can I say. He had this grin from ear to ear, as he shuffled across the floor.

Art inspires art, and she inspired me. I am sure she has inspired countless numbers  of people! Not only from her dancing, but from her constant desire to help others in whatever way she can.  There are some people who just act.  They see a way to help some one else and they do it. She’s like that. I just love her!! and the dancing, wow! what an astounding ability!!

I came home,threw down my portfolio and purse,  and started the picture. I started with the bra area.  I used blue metallic thread and red and  green cotton, and gold metallic thread. It is very intricate work, and the blue metallic thread kept snagging and breaking, and making me angry. The bra area took me hours.  However, I persisted, and after I had finished that, I knew I was creating a great work of art.

This is my painting of Minerva, striving towards her own spirituality through Dance, and I have her dancing on the back of an elephant. The elephant’s head-dress is teal silk, red paint,  gold and blue metallic thread.  The border is expressed as the flower, being self, and all of beautiful life springing forth along the border from there.



2 Responses to “Minerva or Ascending Caravan”

  1. Oh this one is exquisite Kathy. I love the combination of the hand embroidery with your painting. I believe all of the arts have the ability to be enhanced when combined with each other. We are enriched with this piece and with the story that goes behind it.

    You can really feel the flow of her dancing. I am sure the event is in the memory of all who attended. S>

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